Legacy Lions

Legacy Lions classes are designed for 4 – 7 yrs, allowing more focus and catering for their special needs. They are designed to challenge and motivate the children, developing life skills. We concentrate on the following key areas.
Self Esteem
Channelling Aggression
Self defence
The children are regularly assessed on these skills and belts are awarded accordingly.

Through this program your child will become brighter, fitter, safer and most of all have lots of fun.


Junior classes are for children aged 7 – 12 yrs. They follow the syllabus laid down by Legacy TKD UK and UKITF, and include, self defence, fitness and sparring. Games are played using a martial platform to practice skills such as balance, co-ordination and team building. The children are taught a relaxed environment where they can build there confidence and make friends, but again have lots of fun.


Adult classes are designed for age 13+ yrs. They also follow a syllabus laid down by Legacy TKD UK and UKITF. They build on the training in the Junior classes but are more focused and in depth. There are also be many voluntary opportunities to attend seminars and displays where different martial arts can be explored. Again at Thornbury TKD we cater for all needs and are always willing to listen to new ideas and welcome students from beginner to expert to train in a formal and friendly encouraging environment.

Both Junior and Senior Students have a choice of training as often or as little as they require. If students reach a required standard during training then they have the option of taking gradings to be able to progress through the belts within TKD.

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